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Now this is a very elite interview at Taylor & Co.  

Mr  Probz our family is a Dutch producer, vocalist and superb songwriter, and one of the most happening things in German pop as well as his home and ours.  His latest single, Waves went number one in Germany and also sung in English and became known all over. His love for art has taken him from the UK to countless places and earned the respect of many future artists. Taylor & Co have followed this astounding humble creature throughout his musical course and we couldn’t be more proud. Regardless of life’s hard endeavors that Mr. Probz faced, He has taught us, regardless of any situation you are put in, the harder you work – the harder you will see it radiate! Mr. Probz eluded a fire in his house and home studio, leaving him with very few things.  Days later he still managed to continue to proceed forward and perform Waves on television. Which, we here at Taylor & Co. are not surprised at all that he is where he is today because of his creativeness, humbleness and supreme hard work. Like my husband Germany says “He worked, he fought and he won; a true man with a burning musical soul that reaches around the world.” Those words couldn’t be truer! 


Read our exclusive interview below with Mr. Probz and see who he was in his earlier years, the making of his song “Nothing Really Matters”, his success and the hard work it took to get him where he is today.




Waves To Tsunamis

Lina:  You’re known for being a self- instructed and multifaceted musician. What are your greatest influences while growing up?



Mr. Probz: Growing up, I never pictured myself as a musician or performing on stage. It took me a while to see if that would be something I see myself doing for the rest of my life. It started with a few rap bars here and there, but at a certain point, there was this moment where a local hip hop artist that I looked up to told me that I should explore more and not limit myself, at exactly the right time. This was sort of like when Morpheus told Neo to walk through the door. Once that ball started moving it hasn't stopped rolling ever since. After that I started singing more and always asked questions and also when I saw how beats were made or songs got mixed. Later, I found inspiration in different genres because I always wanted to know where the samples of my favorite records came from. I picked up the guitar not long after that.


Lina: Your triumph didn’t come fairly easy for you, can you tell me a little about this?



Mr. Probz: It's how you look at it. If you go to the gym and work on that bench-press, it's the moment that it hurts is when you know you're on your way. The same goes for some of the pages in my book. I always said that everything I went through happened for a reason and looking back to where I was and where I am now, it only makes sense to me. A car accident can be a wake up call, being shot a chance to change, loosing everything in a fire and a clean slate. It depends on how you look at it.

Mr. Probz 5x platinum achivement for waves, well deserved to such an amazing talented and humble artist.  

Lina: As you know, Taylor & Co is a very strong & creative, independent company and we stand-alone.  But when it comes to music we have a lot of outside upper connections, a good deal of them are owners of majors, but they support us on our independence. What is your take or preference, Indie, major or both running together? 


Mr. Probz: If you can find the right balance between both it can definitely be a good move but it's also really easy to get lost in the machine. I love my freedom so I couldn't picture myself doing what I love without creative independence. 


Lina: Probz do you have any future projects here in the states and if you do what are they?


Mr. Probz: I've recently started doing promo in the US after a really hectic year out here in Europe and the Middle East. I'm currently finishing my album, so once it's done I can finally start saying yes to all the gigs on your side and return some of that love and support I've received over the years. 




Thank you



Lina's Last words...


Thank you Mr. Probz for stopping by and chatting it up with your family at Taylor & Co. We stand here not only as your extended family, but as your die hard fans in everything you do. 


See you in New York! 


Evelina Bonell


Lina: How did the name Mr. Probz come to birth?



Mr.Probz: When I first started writing I noticed how all the static and chaos in my head seemed to vanish whenever I wrote down whatever was on my mind. I know some people might be confused when they hear a song like "Waves" and might not get it but that's cool. It's where I'm from so I never chose to change it.


Lina: Were you really a graffiti artist?



Mr Probz: Indeed I was, until I got caught and cured me with a huge fine! Also, I didn't really see myself making a career out of it like I did with music. 


Lina:  Can you tell me a little about your early years as Dennis Stehr?



Mr. Probz: Those years made me who I am today, but I wouldn't wish them on any other person. As I said earlier, it's how you look at it so I'm thankful for all the ups and downs. 


Lina: Let's talk about one of my daughters Retro’s favorite song “Nothing Really Matters” Which by the way she knows word for word.  Did this song have any sentimental meaning to it? Was it dedicated to anyone special?  Can you tell me a little about how the song came around?



Mr. Probz: Shout out to Retro! That song came from an idea my boy Giorgio Tuinfort had with Akon. I asked Giorgio to play some notes on the keys and finished the rest of the lyrics and melodies. To me the song means unconditional love. While I was writing it there wasn't just one person I thought of. It could be about a mother, sister, daughter, or you name it. It was my tribute to the women in my life.





Mr. Probz with RIX FM in sweden supporting his multiplatinum achivement for waves. The man keeps winning, Well deserved brother.

Mr. Probz - Fine Ass Mess

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