DAIN and the GODS of Altaroma 

DAIN if the shoe fits

DAIN's Altaroma Masterpiece "If The Shoe Fits" picked by Silvia Fendi herself and hung in Rome, Italyinside of a building with history from the 1400's

For the past days, here at Taylor &Co Lifestyle office, we have been blessed with one of the most paramount and wildly expressive Brooklynite artists Dain. We are so psyched that Taylor & the Co Art Department had a great opportunity to work with him and get him on our ‘I am a True Artist’ Spotlight.


There is limited public information about Dain and he has just given a small amount interviews with the intentions of his short, vague answers to leave plenty of room for his art to speak for itself. Dain works under a pseudonym to remain anonymous and keeping his identity hidden he welcomed Taylor & Co.’s Art department a few questions.


Here at Taylor & Co we call him the “Door Killer Dain”. Germany Bonell, the founder of Taylor & Co. gave the name to Dain.  When we first discovered Dain we spotted his work in one of SoHo’s old rusty doors and a few others in Tribeca. Germany found it to be the most intriguing place to post up such elegant art and that’s how the name was created at our office. Door Killer Dain!!


Born and raised in my hometown of Brooklyn, New York Dain started at a real young age blessing the streets of NY. Here at Taylor & Co we feel Dain has taken street art to a whole different level.  His Captivating portrait’s has been a constituent of our home in NYC’s visual panorama for years.  The elusive artist creates superb art that blends old Hollywood glam with exquisite colors in their symmetry.  Dain incorporates the optical language of graffiti with collaged old portraits of Hollywood glamour stars such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn and also iconic portraits that include the famous Ginta Lapina, Halle Berry, Keira Knightly and so much more. His art captures an elegance that conveys into his creations, that keep you looking for more.


Dain’s art not only beautifies our streets, but his art also been featured in art shows and galleries in different cities around the globe, such as London, Paris, New York, Montreal and soon Berlin and Australia. In spite of Dain’s work been exhibited in galleries around the world, he still hits the streets of New York and other cities, especially his favorite, NYC doors.

Silvia Fendi with DAIN's beautiful piece "If The Shoe Fits" she hand picked herself for Altaroma.

Lina: I want to begin with Taylor & Co.’s favorite piece “If the Shoe Fits” Give us as some details on this and how it came about to be displayed.


DAIN: As far as Alta Roma… This is a fashion event that takes place I think twice a year in Rome. This past summer they needed an artist to represent AltaRoma fashion week. From what I was told they already picked another artist until Silvia Fendi saw a picture of my piece ‘IF THE SHOE FITS’, She then asked for my art to represent AltaRoma. It is an image of the model Twiggy and the reason for the name (If The Shoe Fits) is there is a pair of shoes over her face in the piece. So my piece was chosen for that week and I was also asked to show my work at the event as well. I had the pleasure to meet Fendi herself and created another ‘IF THE SHOE FITS’ piece for her in that show. The space was amazing; the building itself was from the 1400s and served as a church and hospital.

The space was amazzziing !!




Lina: Is DAIN your real name or street art name?



Dain: I started tagging at a young age... around 8, but it was when

I was in junior high school that I took on the name DAIN



Lina: Being a Brooklynite does your borough have any influence

in your art? 


Dain: I was born in Coney Island and raised in Flatbush.

There is a reason so many talented artists/musicians/athletes

come from this borough. It's so unique, diverse and full of color.

Brooklyn is in everything I do,

it’s a way of life, a mind set. It certainly influenced and continues

to influence my art.


Lina: Do you feel that your art makes an impact on how

people feel about street art?


Dain: I hope so... but I don’t think in terms of "art" and "street art".

It’s all the same to me


Lina: The streets are not the only place where you share your

talents; you also have your pieces in a gallery setting as well. 

Can you tell us a little more about that? 


Dain: I love showing in galleries. I've shown in places like Rome,

Paris, London, and across the US. I will be showing in Berlin

as well as Australia this year.

You would think that such an amazing international artist with so much recognition for his beautiful work from Brooklyn to Altaroma would have this sanctimoniousness attitude towards people. 

This couldn't be so far from the truth; Dain is such a down to earth, easy, selfless and great man to work with. Actually, he was quite interesting to work with.

It's surprising to us that even with keeping his identity anonymous he answered our questions openly and submissive for such an interesting dark-knight and illusive artist from the cloak society of royal wall killers.


Thank you Dain for taking your time to chat with us. Keep spreading the love of art around the world! 


-Ëvelina Bonell

The cloaked Door-Killer DAIN at altaroma with some of his beautiful and elegent pieces. 

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If the shoe fits on holy grounds

If the shoe fits on holy grounds

Silvia Fendi with Dain's piece

Silvia Fendi with Dain's piece

If The Shoe Fits

If The Shoe Fits





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